I develop programs that build deeper connections with customers and communities.

This program saved millions of gallons of water and demonstrated Toyota dealers' commitment to their communities. The name I gave the program became a rallying cry for drought-stricken customers.

I rebranded the lackluster "Customer Appreciation Days" as ThankYouThon, utilizing and reinforcing Toyota's equity in their Toyotathon event. Now the event generates excitement, goodwill and sales every year at dealerships nationwide.

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Wash Can Wait 1.jpeg
wash can wait 3.jpg
Wash can wait 2.jpeg

I developed MyToyota mobile app content that made service scheduling and other features easier to navigate and more user-friendly.

Toyota Mobile App phones .jpg
AutoNation Lease Release cover.jpg

I turned a letter offering early lease termination into a branded program--complete with a memorable name.

Lease Release now retains a huge number of lease customers by letting them get a new vehicle early.